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You want to reach the next stage of your business. But how? Sometimes, the old adage is true: You have to spend money to make money. Working capital makes it possible for companies to start scaling.

Growth Doesn’t Come Out of Nowhere

When plants grow, they do so because something has been introduced—whether it’s light, water, or fertilizer. Companies cannot grow in a vacuum; they need an infusion of time, energy and often money. Working capital gives companies the resources that they need to improve upon their operations and processes, to hire the right employees, and to get the right equipment and technology.

The Pains of Poor Working Capital

Most modern businesses don’t have enough working capital to sustain them for a month. Companies today are operating on very lean budgets, and that’s a problem. When a business doesn’t have enough working capital, it isn’t able to experiment. It cannot develop new products and services, and it cannot find new ways to engage clients.

In fact, it may not even be able to perform business as usual. Rather, it will always be trapped in a cycle of trying to procure additional funding, trying to make sales, and trying not to go under. Having no working capital means that a business cannot rest. It cannot improve. It has to continue to struggle.

Getting the Working Capital You Need

If you’re ready for your business to grow, you need working capital. Working capital will let you:

  • Hire more employees: Those employees will bring value to your company. You can fill your sales departments with individuals ready to bring in leads, and fill your support side and tech side with individuals who can keep the wheels running.
  • Upgrade your technology: Right now, you may be held back by dated technology and older systems. Your security may not be up to the current standards and your employees may be frustrated. Upgrade your technology to defeat this.
  • Invest in advertising: You can’t grow if your clients don’t know that your company is there. The more advertising you have, the more business you have; a great deal of advertising has positive ROI. But you need to be able to scale.

Working capital is exceptionally important to nearly every business. And truthfully, many business owners are aware of this. But many business owners have also been turned down by traditional banks and don’t feel as though they would qualify for traditional working capital. For those individuals, there’s Advance American Funding. Advance American Funding can help connect you to companies that are interested in offering funding to you. Contact us today at to learn more!